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Newsletter—Vol. XIII, No.

August 2019

Dear Life of Freedom Ministries Supporter:


Some months seem to go by so rapidly, and such was the case with July.  It is already August!  For my family, that means in a couple of weeks it will be back to school.  The changes throughout the year in schedules keeps life interesting for sure.  Throughout these changes, the challenge is to maintain a time of communing with the Lord.  This month’s newsletter addresses the matter of communion with God.  If communing with Him has been a challenge for you, I encourage you to take a look at the possibility of the enemy’s interference in this regard.


I praise God for how He works uniquely for each person.  He knows how each of us is made, and what will minister to us the best.  No matter the person’s personality, He is able to reach each one.  Some very clearly sense His presence and the words He gives.  Others simply feel lighter and somehow know inside He’s at work.  Regardless, it is wonderful to see!

I praise God for the privilege of lending a hand to hurting people.  I’m humbled by the calling to minister to people in need of freedom.  Some days are heartbreaking, but the days of breakthrough and freedom are worth the hard days.

I praise God for how He ministers to me when I share truth with clients.  So many times, I am encouraged, especially when I share about a believer’s identity in Christ.  It is truth that I need to hear too!

Short Report:

A common experience for a person tormented by spirits of darkness is to be harassed severely during worship meetings.  Ms. M was one who endured such attacks.  The torment was so severe she experienced panic attacks during a worship meeting, forcing her to leave the room.  She had great support, however, and was aware that the problem was a demonic issue and not a psychological problem.  She had thoughts in her mind that she was schizophrenic, and she believed that these thoughts were from demons.  Ms. M embraced the battle and resisted their tormenting lies.  She came to LFM for help and worked through the inventory to help discern the reason the spirits were with her.  It turned out that Ms. M had inherited spirits of Anxiety from one of her parents.  In Jesus' name, we cancelled their ground and prayed for healing for any trauma in the family line that caused the anxiety.  The evil spirit admitted he had to go and did so.  Ms. M felt a freedom she never had before!  The joy on her face was evident and we praised God for His work of deliverance.

Something to Consider:

Hebrews 10:2222 let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.


Ephesians 2:6And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus,

In a recent radio broadcast, author and apologist Ravi Zacharias made what I believe is a profound statement about the Lord’s prayer.  (He makes many profound statements, as I thoroughly enjoy his broadcasts).  He said, “In the Lord’s prayer Jesus shows us we should pray about our relationship with Him and about God’s kingdom more than a wish list.”  In pondering this statement, I reflected on how much the evil one and his host try to keep us from communing with God, personally and corporately.  Ms. M, in the case report above, is a good example.  She was hindered in corporate worship by evil spirits.  The demonic did not want her to enjoy a focused time of worship and communing with God.  Many clients express very similar types of experiences.  Instead of being frustrated in worship meetings, most struggle with personal times of prayer and communing with God through reading His word.  The demons bring to one’s mind many distracting and/or confusing thoughts.  Also, they work hard to make people feel that they are not worthy of being in communion with God.

The passages noted above from Hebrews 10 and Ephesians 2 show that believers indeed can have confidence to enter God’s presence.  The finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross has made way for us to be at the right hand of God, right directly in His presence!  It is astounding to me how much God loves us.  He didn’t just rescue us from going to hell, He actually wants us to have intimate communion with Him.  What a humbling thought, and I am truly grateful for the provision of deliverance for us.

For people who are struggling with a burden of worship and spending time with God, the question may come up about the work of these demons.  Why are they there?  How do I stop this?  In some cases, it is like it was with Ms. M.  The spirit had gained residence and was interfering greatly.  Most of my clients are in this category, and the need is to cancel the ground that allows the demons to be there.  This can be quite a process.  Sometimes, though, the demons are attacking and haven’t fully gained residence with the person.  In this case, it is important nonetheless to recognize the demonic attack and in Christian authority, command the spirits to go.  Remember, being in Christ at the Father’s right hand means we have authority in His name to command spirits who have no legal right to depart!

In conclusion, if you are struggling with spending time communing with God, personally or with others, I suggest taking authority and commanding demons to stop interfering.  If the problem persists, then you may need someone to lend a hand to be free from this burden.  Fear not!  Christ Jesus is more than capable of bringing freedom to you in this area.  He wants our time of communion with Him!

Prayer Concerns:

Please pray for me in regard to some cases.  I need insight on how to address matters of unbelief.

Please pray for some clients who are unsure of whether the burdens are really demonic.  The evidence is clear to me that it is indeed of a spiritual nature, but the clients fear that it is psychological.

Please pray for some clients who will be traveling from quite a distance in the coming month for sessions. .

Continually Rescued by Christ Jesus,

Ben Snyder



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